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About Thrive

Thrive Support Services - SLS and ILS
Our Vision is a World without disabilities, just differences. Where every person will not just exist but live, and through EMPOWERMENT enjoy all that life has to offer.

Our Mission is to provide adults with developmental disabilities a variety of services by promoting self-advocacy and education while respecting our clients’ choices. We build a personalized and unique network of resources and tools to help our clients achieve their goals and thrive in their chosen community.

To fulfill this mission, Thrive Support Services has expanded and now provides three services: Supported Living (SLS), Independent Living (ILS), and Parenting Support (PS). Our continued growth can be attributed to our ability to work with our clients and their families, as well as their circles of support to help coordinate the varied aspects of each individual life. We have worked diligently to make sure our staff members are trained with the latest information available. If you are interested in joining our team of dedicated professionals please see our Career Page for more information.

We Offer Instant Updates On Your Loved One’s Care

Company History


Thrive Support Services was founded in 2007 with the goal of doing whatever is necessary to help adults with developmental disabilities Thrive in their own homes and chosen communities. We believe that every individual, regardless of disability, has the right to live in the place of their choosing and with the people they want by their side. We serve clients throughout the Alameda and Contra Costa County Areas. We have consistently grown in our efforts and continue to see more and more clients living successful and productive lives. We truly see this endeavor as a way to make a difference in peoples’ lives every day.


“My experience working with my clients has been wonderful but challenging (& it’s worth the challenge). Working with people who need our help is a blessing. This has taught me to have more patients with others but also within myself. When helping my clients, I’m encouraging good social behavior while in the community and at home. I help each client accomplish goals such as, going to the Food Bank, clean/cook, laundry, accompanying them to their doctor’s appointments. Most importantly making my clients feels safe and secure.

Everybody has different characteristics & while observing & being supportive towards my clients, I have learned each client individually and treat them according to their own individuality because not everybody has the same personality so it’s important to recognize how I approach each of my clients.

The company, Thrive Support Services, Inc is making a difference in someone’s life everyday & I must say that’s what I admire about the company. I as well, as a provider, feel that I am being supportive towards my clients physically, emotionally, and mentally. I like the fact that we communicate & check up on each other by working as a team.

I’ve been with Thrive Support Services, Inc for about two and a half years now and what’s keeping me here are the clients that I work with. I can honestly say I have built a good relationship with my clients. I want to continue to be supportive & be there for them. I know for a fact I have the capability of bringing the best out of people. Our clients need loyalty & that’s what I’m here for.”

Shirley S.

About Our Founder


After spending 15 years in the military, our founding director, Eric Partridge, went back to school and obtained a BA degree in Philosophy as well as certification as a paralegal specializing in civil litigation from the University of San Diego. From there he moved to Santa Cruz and began working with developmentally disabled adults in the area of supported employment. He returned to school briefly to get some training in Counseling Psychology and from there went to work for the mentally ill, helping them to find and maintain housing in Sonoma County. That led him to coming back to the community of developmentally disabled adults and helping them through supported living. For more info see his Bio on our Staff page.

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