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Our Staff

Thrive Support Services - SLS and ILS
Our Staff is the lifeblood of our business. We create a culture of family so that we can treat you like our family.

Meet our family!

Our Staff

Eric Partride, CEO


Eric has spent the last 10 years working with the disabled community around the areas of finding and maintaining housing. His experiences have ranged from direct care to intensive case management. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of San Diego with honors and spent some time training for a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. Currently he is a Certified Senior Advisor and looks forward to doing more work with seniors in the future. He volunteers with Pets Unlimited in San Francisco, which is a non-profit animal rescue and veterinary clinic.


He has commitment to persons with disabilities that has spanned most of his life with volunteer work in high school through paid work into adulthood. Eric is very excited about the work that he is doing with Thrive Support Services and looks forward to a bright future.

Candice Elton, Director of Operations

Candice Elton, circle_Photo.png

Candice started working at Thrive in 2015. She came with many years of experience in Home Care administration and office management. Candice was drawn to the field of development disabilities, as she has a brother with a developmental disability. She knew her skills in office management mixed with her passion to help others would make Thrive a dream job. When she is not at work, you can find Candice spending time with her two favorite humans, her daughters, and her dog. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, traveling, and binge watching tv.

Supported Living Services Staff

Chris Candari, SLS Program Manager

Chris Candari

I started working in the field of developmental disability in 1995 in Bakersfield, CA as a direct care staff. It first started out as a job of opportunity because the field is not related to my bachelor’s degree in business management but, I soon realized that it was not just a job but, it was my passion to provide care and support to people with special needs.

In my twenty (20) years of experience, I had the opportunity to perform various roles such as: Supervisor of an ICF/DDH Homes, Supported Living Services, and Scheduling Supervisor. Also as a Program Manager of a CCF Group Homes, Crisis Response Team and of an ILS program.

The greatest reward I get in working with people with special needs is the satisfaction in knowing I made some contribution in improving an individual’s quality of life.

I love to walk my dog in my spare time and spend time with family and friends.

Daesha Lumho, SLS Assistant Program Manager

Daesha Lumho

Daesha has been with the Thrive community for 5 years and has worked with adults with developmental disabilities for 10 years, she discovered a passion that changed her life. “They don’t tell you it will be the most amazing job you ever had, to make a difference in a person’s life.” She believes that her mission is to provide life skills and work-related training to adults with developmental disabilities. She supports her Consumers in reaching their optimum level of individual potential by delivering a broad range of resources and ongoing guidance. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her Family, her wonderful Puppies, watch sports and loves to travel. Daesha is very grateful to continue her ongoing efforts to assist all her Consumers to Thrive!!! 

Olimpia Marinero, SLS Case Manager

Olimpia Marinero

Olimpia Marinero received her bachelor’s degree in 2001.  She has worked in the Developmental Disability field for over 7 years.  She first started working as Direct Care Staff when she moved to the Bay Area;  she has worked in different day programs as well as in-home care.  Her passion for working with people with developmental  disabilities hits her very close as her own brother was born with a disability. She loves to volunteer in her local Church and the Community.  She feels specially rewarded when she is able to help her consumers make positive changes in their lives.  In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, Zumba, and spending time with family.

Susan Arce, SLS Case Manager

Susan Arce -staff

Susan is a dedicated caregiver who has cared for aging and disabled adults for over 15 years. Her devotion to help others has made her dependable and her comprehension for care has helped her solidify her role to-be of service to clients and those who seek support. As a loving mother of 3, she understands the importance of safety, basic human needs, and comfort as those in need navigate life.


Susan started her journey at Thrive as a direct care staff member in 2017 and has since been promoted to SLS Case Manager. Susan is proud to be a part of a valuable community resource that supports a better quality of life for all clients and their families. She brings with her a decorative background starting her journey as a Medical Assistant, attaining her AA in Administration of Justice and with time has realized, Patient-Centered Care is her passion. Susan continues to grow, learn, and believes.

Independent Living Services Staff

Danelia Changeux, ILS Program Manager

Danelia Changeux

Danelia comes from a background with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. However, through the journey that life led her on, she left a career in engineering to pursue service and work in her community; she quickly went from working in logistics to children and now adults with developmental disabilities. The way she says it is, "I can see how everything I went through had a purpose and nothing was wasted; Jesus turned my ashes into beauty." Danelia's passion lies in encouraging and lifting others up to reach their full potential.


Outside of work she enjoys being outdoors in the sun getting her daily Vitamin D, traveling (her last trip was to Israel), singing, trying some new recipes, or serving at Church. In her spare time, you can catch her reading the Bible, boxing, watching Korean Dramas (not the new stuff, sorry Netflix), or shopping.

Denee Hill, ILS Case Manager

Denee Hill

Denee started with Thrive as an ILS Instructor in September of 2018, before being promoted to ILS Case Manager shortly after. Prior to working with Thrive, Denee worked with children with developmental disabilities and behavioral disorders for 10 years. Over those 10 years, Denee gained various skills such as: crisis communication, discreet trial training, and different methods of building positive relationships with her students. 


Denee is very passionate about her work and is dedicated to helping her consumers have and maintain a better quality of life by teaching them the skills they need to be independent. Denee has an older sister with a developmental disability and has always been an advocate, teacher, and caregiver for her big sister. During her free time, Denee enjoys spending time with her family, going to the movies, and traveling. Greece is at the top of her bucket list. Denee is excited to see what the future holds for her with Thrive and looks forward to growing with the company. 

Yesenia Lopez-Gonzalez, ILS Case Manager

Yesenia Lopez-Gonzalez

Yesenia started with Thrive in September 2017 as ILS/PS and on call for SLS as well. In July 2019, she was promoted to ILS Case Manager. Yesenia can truly say, she has gained confidence and knowledge these past few years. Something she really enjoys while working at Thrive, is having direct sessions with her clients and seeing their excitement at social events. Seeing progress being made and making a difference in someone else’s life, is her biggest goal! Specifically, being able to help the Latin families whose only language is Spanish, hits home.


Yesenia was the first in her family to graduate college and at a young age and was working directly with adults with disabilities. Yesenia hopes to continue working in this field and achieve new opportunities. She is the oldest of 3 and has been married for 9 years now. She is a dog mommy to her beautiful daughter Bella. Some things Yesenia enjoys in life are, road trips with her family, self-care journals, singing like no one is listening, and Bella’s kisses. 

Michelle Ozment, ILS Case Manager

Michelle Ozment - ILS Case Manager.jpg

Michelle joined the Thrive Team in 2018 as an ILS instructor. She was recently promoted to a Lead ILS instructor position. Her journey with Thrive Support Services has become even more remarkable as a Case Manager. Michelle has been gifted the opportunity to work with amazing consumers with Intellectual/physical disabilities and their families, for over 14 plus years now.


She continues to educate herself and enjoys participating in various workshops to better assist/advocate all the individuals she serves. Prior to working in the pharmaceutical and dental field Michelle has always been passionate for helping others. She enjoys volunteering and she's a member of the special Olympics volunteer team. Michelle enjoys watching sports especially football and baseball, one of her fondest memories was watching her three children play sports up into their adult lives.


In Michelle's spare time she enjoys spending quality time with her Family, laughing with her Granddaughters, reminiscing happy memories, and catching up with friends. She finds relaxation with visiting her favorite Taco Bell while on her favorite beach in Pacifica, CA. She enjoys watching a timeless sunrise and a beautiful sunset. Michelle loves watching the Blue Angels fly over the S.F. bay/golden gate bridge during fleet week. Also, she enjoys jet skiing, paddle boarding, long drives, and visiting the happiest place on earth Disneyland! 

Tiarra Calkins, ILS Lead Instructor

Tiarra Calkins

Tiarra is currently enrolled at Grand Canyon University studying to get her Bachelor of Science in Sociology. Tiarra began working for Thrive Support Services in 2018 as an ILS instructor and promoted to ILS Lead Instructor in 2021.


Before Thrive, Tiarra worked as an assistant in the reentry population helping adults adjust back to civilization, searching for housing and employment. Tiarra’s passion has always been to work in the community and help those in need. Tiarra discovered her passion with helping others when she received feedback on how many people’s lives she has changed with her knowledge of different resources. Tiarra hopes to become a child Welfare Social Worker one day. Tiarra has always been eager to finding solutions that will assist those with challenges that will allow them to change barriers into positives.  

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