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Supported Living Services - SLS

Empowering our clients to succeed in their own homes.

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Supported Living Services

Supported Living Services is a program designed to provide the supports necessary for each client to succeed in their own home. We work with each client and their families along with their circles of support to provide them with the tools they need to be as independent as possible. For this to happen, we spend a great deal of time asking for input from our client, their families and supporters to get a clear picture of what those needs are.

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Client Testimonial

“I really enjoyed the assistance they gave me in learning to advocate to get a better job. Thrive was able to assist me in gaining my position with Project Search which eventually led to my present job which I really love.
I have increased confidence.”
Matt M.

Why Choose Thrive Support Services?

As a member of Thrive Supported Living Services, each of our clients receives the following:


Each client will receive an assessment by Thrives management to help determine how to structure the assistance needed. Our goal is to individualize our services for the needs of each particular client. Thrive uses this time to become familiar with our client and how they want to live their lives. We begin the process of building a relationship with all those involved and start the process of successful planning.


Supported Living Plan

This is a document prepared by our team and our client that helps us to train their Personal Attendants for working with each individual client. Each person’s plan will be specific for their needs.

Housing Assistance

Thrive will assist each client with obtaining appropriate housing and will serve as an advocate with the property management to maintain a productive relationship throughout their stay. We help our client’s maintain their property to the client’s and the management’s standards.

Care Coordination

Each client at Thrive will receive assistance with the coordination of the varied parts of their lives, including their medical appointments as well as reminders about their medications, their community activities and their food planning and preparation. We can assist clients with their transportation needs to and from their various commitments as well as the advocacy necessary to make sure their voice is heard regarding their needs and choices. Thrive will assist each client with accessing the generic services in the community, such as In Home Support Services as well as Section 8, Day Programs, Work Programs, Medical and Mental Health referrals, and Transportation Services.

24-Hour Crisis Intervention

The client and their staff will have a member of management on duty 24 hours per day for emergencies as they arise.

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